Despite what GoodLife management may tell you, it is your right to form a union and negotiate your working conditions.

Here are some of the benefits of forming a union at GoodLife:

Check mark symbol Ability to negotiate and improve your wages, working conditions, and benefits

Check mark symbol Protection from harassment from supervisors and managers

Check mark symbol Protection against unpaid wages, unfair firings and dismissals

Check mark symbol Having a democratic voice at work

Check mark symbol No more favoritism by managers of some workers over others

The first step in forming a union is to sign a union card. You can download a card by clicking here and return it to us by post, fax or email.

Send your completed union cards to Tanya Ferguson, Workers United Canada Council:

By post: 2800 Skymark Ave Suite 10A, Mississauga, ON L4W 5A6

By email: tferguson(at)

By fax: 416-510-0891

Already signed a card? Great, now you can talk to some of your co-workers and tell them about the benefits of forming a union and ask them to sign a card too!