Workers United is working closely with GoodLife fitness professionals who have formed a union to improve their working conditions. We’ve heard from many workers who are fed up of the way GoodLife treats them and their co-workers.

Key issues GoodLife fitness professionals are facing include:

  • No paid sick days
  • Being required or expected to work without being paid
  • Favouritism and arbitrary discipline by management
  • Inadequate wages and insufficient hours
  • No access or coverage to WSIB (workers’ compensation) when they get injured on the job
  • Having to pay for equipment, training, and uniforms out of their own pocket
  • Having restrictions placed on working at other fitness centres
  • Being kicked off benefits for going under hours
  • Lack of respect on the job

Group Fitness Instructors have also identified these specific issues:

Job Security

  • Classes have been taken away from Instructors with no recourse
    • GoodLife’s Group Fitness Manager tells us “timeslots do NOT belong to certain instructors. If your class gets changed, GoodLife does not ‘owe’ you another class.”

Unfair Wages

  • Wages for Instructors are all over the map
    • You only get what you can negotiate for yourself individually
    • Raises are not always consistently applied
    • The minimum wage meeting rate barely covers the cost of commuting

Health and Safety

  • Instructors’ safety concerns are not being taken seriously
    • Instructors are working through pain, including repetitive motion injuries, and working in unsafe environments with broken equipment
    • Instructors are getting sick from sharing microphones
    • Instructors are performing a physically demanding job with no health benefits and no WSIB coverage

Working While Sick

  • Instructors have to work while sick, and it is difficult to take vacations or attend funerals, because it’s our responsibility to find substitutes

Respect & Recognition   

  • Group Fitness Instruction is a top reason that clients maintain their membership, but Instructors do not get recognition for this contribution

GoodLife is the largest fitness centre chain in Canada and the fourth largest in the world. GoodLife refuses to say how much money they make, only hinting that it is over $500 million a year and growing. Despite their growth, they still underpay many workers and often ask them to do work for free.

Fitness professionals deserve better!

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